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fill your plate

This amazing retreat is coming up quickly. Patti and I are looking forward to being able to share time with you and help you sloooooow down. That tends to be challenging for women to do. And the thought of taking a whole weekend to think, and eat, and contemplate, and chill can actually feel overwhelming.

I asked Patti to talk about how and why this retreat supports women. Here’s what she had to say…

What is the retreat about? What’s it designed to do?

I actually think the title “Fill Your Plate” offers lots of meaning.

We live in a culture that seems to offer everything up as a buffet; food, activities, material things. We have so many options available to us and we tend to mindlessly put everything on our plates without really paying attention.

This retreat is designed to help women slow down and give then the space to consider what they fill their plate with. To consciously choose food, activities, and things that are actually nourishing for mind, body, and spirit.

 What does the retreat format offer that a workshop doesn’t?

In my opinion, a person goes to a workshop when they want information…looking to an expert to teach them something. A person goes to a retreat because they want to discover their own wisdom. Rather than being a teacher, a workshop facilitator’s job is to offer powerful questions and create a safe, open environment for doing this inner exploration.

Mindset and food. Holistic nutrition and life coaching. How do they fit together?

I’ll start with holistic nutrition and life coaching. Rather than looking at one aspect of a person’s life (their eating habits and thinking patterns), both holistic nutritionists and life coaches take a bird’s eye view of a person. They both have a fundamental belief that that every part of a person’s life is interconnected; mind, body and spirit.

So while Jodi’s focus is on the healing power of food and mine is on supporting people to be more mindful of their thoughts, we are very aware of connection between food and mindset.

The connection being that the healthier and more positive the mindset, the better food choices will be made to support a healthy body. The healthier the food choices and more nourished the body, the clearer and more focused the mindset will be.

Who is the retreat for?

The retreat is for the woman who’s at a clear point of awareness. She realizes that, after directing all of her energy to meeting the needs of others, she needs to shift some attention to herself before some sort of breakdown of mind, body or spirit. She also has an openness to working on herself and accepting the support and help available.

Share a little about your work?

My focus as a life coach is to help women move forward when they’re feeling stuck in the middle. It could be stuck between unsolved pain from the past and a desire for a peaceful future. Between the person she’s been living up to and her true, authentic self. Or when she simply doesn’t have a clear plan for how to move towards what she desired. Through a process of powerful questioning and raising self awareness, more peace, joy and purpose are all possible.

 What is self-care and why is it important?

First off, self-care should not be confused with selfish. To me selfish is done without considering the effect on others. Self-care, on the other hand, is about taking care of oneself in order to be a better support for others.

Self-care is important because we humans run like cars. We need fuel and oil to run efficiently and not break down. If we run our run low on fuel and oil, things break down and/or simply stop running. This is no good to anyone who may need us. So self-care is like refueling and checking oil levels. Everyone has a different fuel need so it’s important to take the time to figure that out.

~Patti Philips – Explore Life Coaching


Join us for this special weekend. Details and registration here.


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