Warm Root Vegetable Breakfast Hash – AIP, paleo, gluten-free

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Breakfast can be challenging when you switch to a whole foods way of nourishing yourself. Kellogg’s has spent many decades brainwashing us into the construct of breakfast foods. But really this is just marketing. Before the factories made cereal in colourful shapes and stars, our ancestors ate last night’s leftovers. Soups, meats, stews, roasted vegetables. […]


Upgrade Salt, Sugar, Flour, and Fat

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So many options for change! Where do we start without getting overwhelmed? Upgrade 4 staples in your kitchen – salt, sugar, flour, fat.   Upgrade Your Salt: Make the shift from refined salt to unrefined salt. Salt in nature comes with a full complement of synergistic minerals, not just sodium and chloride. Table salt is […]


Written by Jodi on . Posted in gluten-free living, Recipes

Spring is arriving in many parts of the country (just not mine!). Those of you in the warmer climes may already be experiencing the first tender shoots of asparagus! Enjoy them to their fullest. This is a lovely side dish and a decadent breakfast. Tasty at room temperature.     1 tablespoon coconut oil ½ […]

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