Why Holistic Nutrition

Nutrition and lifestyle changes have an amazing impact on your health and overall well being. Small modifications over time, not all at once, can have dramatic effects. Time and time again I’ve seen positive results – clients recover from digestive problems, women overcome emotional eating, men stop taking drugs for heartburn, anxiety & depression improve without the need for medications. I’ve seen clients become energized and vibrant just by changing their diet and other small changes.

Top 12 reasons you need a Holistic Nutritionist in your life.

  1. Individualized food plans based on YOU – your likes, dislikes, food intolerances, allergies, lifestyle.
  2. Inspiration, motivation, guidance. It’s like having a food trainer instead of a personal trainer. Lots of support along the way.
  3. Get to the root cause of your sleep problems, low energy, skin issues, hormonal problems without resorting to drugs or popping more supplements than food – food is your best medicine for many (not all) health concerns.
  4. Learn how to eat to prevent cancer and disease, rather than manage disease symptoms.
  5. Digestion, digestion, digestion! Get your gut on track and be amazed by how many troubles vanish.
  6. Develop a new relationship with food, and with  yourself. When you learn how to eat better, your confidence and self-esteem improves. Good food = good mood.
  7. A holistic nutritionist looks at the whole. Yes, diet matters. But so does stress, lifestyle, relationships, and emotions.
  8. No quick-fix fad or crash diets. Get healthy over time, and weight loss will be a side effect, along with glowing skin, higher sex drive, better sleep, healthy BM’s – yes!
  9. Holistic nutritionists do not advise you to follow a one size fits no one food guide, but on what is best for you.
  10. Learn how you can cook healthy food that’s as high on taste as it is in nutrients without being a slave to the stove.
  11. Get happy. One of the benefits of getting healthy is your mood improves! Diets make you miserable and are not sustainable.
  12. Learn what nutrients you may be deficient in due to medications you are taking. Use foods and supplements (if needed) to replace what’s lost.

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