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4 ways to improve your gut and lose inches

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Excess weight may be troublesome when you look in the mirror or want to buy a new outfit, lose inchesbut it can also be a signal that your gut health is compromised.

Here are 4 easy steps to improve your gut health while also helping you lose inches.

  1. Pump up that fiber – consume foods rich in omegas. I love adding chia seeds or flax seeds to a smoothie, or salads. These EFA’s are vital for energy and the production of oxygen in your body. Fibres also move wastes and toxins out of the body.

2.  Eat the right proteins. Make sure you are never eating nitrates, or food injected with hormones as this will age you and cause liver toxicity. Clogged up livers mean that wastes get stuck (as extra baggage known as pounds)

3. Hydration is key. Consuming coconut water, or mineral-rich water or water with a dash of sea salt and lemon will energize you. Flush it out and hydrate the skin cells so they are plump and full, not sunken and wrinkly. The minerals improve your gut function helping you to absorb nutrients better.

4. Fats, fats and more fats! Only the good kinds of course – butter, coconut oil, and olive oil (cold only). Ditch the canola and soybean and weird sprays. Your fat soluble nutrients are doing diddly squat for your body if you are low fat. Your skin is dry, your hair is brittle and thin, your joints creak. You need some lube! Plus it revs your metabolism and turns up into a fat burner which means lower weight, more energy, and a brain that is with it.

Here is a great snack that adds fibre, protein, fats and other good fuels. Add a glass of lemon water and you’ve hit every tip!

Fig Balls:

 In a food processor blend:

 2 cups dried unsulphured figs, or other dried fruit such as dates or apricots (or a mix of your favourites)

with a pinch of salt

 ½ tsp cinnamon

 1/3 cup coconut oil

1& 1/4 cups of shredded unsulphured dried coconut.

2 tbsp hemp seeds

2 tbsps ground flax

 When you have dough-like consistency, take tablespoon sized lumps and roll into balls. Let set so coconut oil gets firm again. They freeze really well.

For a treat, add a tablespoon of cocoa! Birthday bliss balls! Yummo.



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